« Au Grand JEU » or the name of a bird

More than a art of seeing, an art of imagining

Implanted on a farm of 15 hectares, it is a place where get involved Art, Game and Nature, the Art by nature takes place permanently, We can play with a ball, fish, see a concert, a performance, make nothing and change the world at the bar.

This year, a little restauration is available, for vegetarians also !

You can spend there a whole day, bring a picnic and drinks (except the alcohol sold at the bar) and enjoy all the games and the proposals of the site.

In Le Grand Jeu, even with you, animals cannot stay, this for sanitary and safety reasons.


In 2023, Le Grand Jeu is open from  April, at the end of September 2023

Open the first and the third week-end of each month, from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm


6€ / Person, giving access to the whole place for the day !

Free for 3 years old children or younger.